How We Give Back To The Community

We work very hard to give you the best bread, pastries and food possible and we hate seeing perfectly good food go to waste. Additionally, from an environmental perspective, food waste is a huge problem in the world today. Therefore we ensure that wherever possible, the food we produce gets eaten by humans, only when that’s is not possible, does our food waste get composted.

We support the following charities, who pick up leftover bread and pastries at the end of the day:


One of the challenges of hospitality is the unpredictability of trade and sometimes an unexpectedly slow day results in too much prepared food. This is when we make some of our cabinet food available through the food rescue app Foodprint. Check it out for great deals on freshly made food.

Community Groups

We also support various schools and other community groups through donations, fundraiser support, school fairs and more. Below are some of the organisations we regularly give support to:

  • Richmond Road Primary School
  • Grey Lynn Primary School
  • Westmere Primary School
  • Balmoral Primary School
  • Gladstone Primary School
  • Mt. Albert Grammar School
  • Kelmarna Organic Gardens
  • Starjam