Our Philosophy

We love bread, baking and making real food.

At Bread & Butter we are experts in traditional European baking. We specialise in long, slow fermentation sourdoughs, specialty breads, and traditional pastries and treats.

All our flours, seeds and other bread ingredients are either certified organic or certified sustainable, meaning they are grown using regenerative agricultural principles.

We do not use any artificial ingredients, emulsifiers, preservatives, baking enzymes, artificial flavours, colours, dough conditioners or other ‘technical’ ingredients in our products.

How we make our bread

We use the traditional method of sourdough fermentation, a process by which natural lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts ferment the dough.

Once our doughs have fermented, we then hand mix, shape, knead and bake these handcrafted wonders in our stone oven, turning them into the most delicious and nutritious loaves of bread ready for you to enjoy at home.

How we make our pastries and treats

While sourdough baking is really at the heart of Bread & Butter’s identity, it is by no means the only thing we do.

We are also experts at producing buttery, flaky pastries, filled brioches, doughnuts, biscuits, slices and other sweet treats. We make everything from scratch and with New Zealand butter.