About Us

So, who are we?

We specialise in traditional European and naturally leavened sourdough breads. All breads are made from certified organic ingredients.
At Bread & Butter shops you will find a selection of traditional German rye sourdoughs, French crusty baguettes, wheat-free sourdoughs, and seeded loaves. Naturally leavened, yeast-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free bread, a wide range of vegan breads as well as a large selection of bread rolls including the famous German pretzel rolls complete the range. Our breads are baked directly on stone tiles, giving them a robust and tasty crust that seals in flavour and keeps them fresh for longer. Our bread is as good as bread can be, because we love bread.

Our cakes and pastries, savouries and pies are made according to traditional recipes that place utmost importance on taste and original style. No premixes and ready-to-use fillings are used in any of our products.

In our pastry range we aim to use local, spray-free, and organic produce where feasible and according to seasonal availability.